Conversations, Episode #2, April - May 2017:

Karolina Krasouli, Florent Lahache, Apostolos Lampropoulos, Camille Louis, Maria Nicolacopoulou, Kristy Trinier, Eva Presenhuber


Karolina Krasouli is an artist based in Paris.

Florent Lahache is a French researcher based in Paris. He teaches critical theory at the School of Fine Arts in Bordeaux.

Apostolos Lampropoulos is Professor of Comparative Literature at the University Bordeaux Montaigne. He is based in Bordeaux and Athens.

Camille Louis is a dramatist based in Berlin.

Maria Nicolacopoulou is a critic based in Athens.

Kristy Trinier is the Director of Visual, Digital and Media Arts at Banff Centre, Banff where she is based.

Eva Presenhuber is a gallerist based in Zurich and New York.

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