Quinn Latimer, Clara Schulmann, Laura Preston: "3 women reading, 3 women writing, 3 women working" - Open Recording #4, May 20, 2017

Writing is a line of work, they say. Editing is another, publishing another again. Writing is also a state of being or becoming. We write the time, and the clock turns differently. What is reading, though? For 'All: Collected Voices', Quinn Latimer, Laura Preston, and Clara Schulmann give readings of their recent work and discuss language’s relationship to place, body, labor, influence, and all the gendered economies therein.


Quinn Latimer is a poet and critic from California. She is currently based in Athens where she is editor-in-chief of publications for documenta 14.

Laura Preston writes, edits, and programs artistic projects. She is the editor of “Next Spring: An Occasional Series of Reviews” and is currently based in Athens where she is an associate editor for documenta 14.

Clara Schulmann is a writer living in Paris. She teaches art history at the Bordeaux School of Art (EBABX).

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